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Saturday, 4 July 2020

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LA LUZ EN EL DIVÁN Buy this book
Author: José Luis Clemente
ISBN: 978-84-936131-1-2 Price: 15€
This is the first book we have presented: it opens our poetry collection and it consists of a series of poems related to Vienna and Freud, as well as to the author’s impressions along his walks and stays in the city.
It is not very clear whether this is a Freudian or a Viennese collection of poems, or both or neither, but there is no doubt that the author is faithful to his very peculiar style ¬¬--tender, caustic, innocent and surprised—and takes us readers along mental and urban labyrinths heading to places as remote and unknown as our own inner selves, perhaps the last universe to be discovered; and perhaps that which awakens the least our instinct for adventure.
Buenaventura De Juan.

Cover: part of a map of Vienna.

Author: José Luis Clemente
ISBN: 978-84-936131-0-5 Price: 18€
In this novel the author portrays the chaotic life of a character who would deserve to be one of Dr. Freud’s patients. The author tells about absurd and comic situations, all within an erotic frame depicted with a evocative poetical prose, and events take place at a frantic rhythm where what is important is the situation and not the characters themselves, who are faceless characters. Some critics have referred to this novel as a pledge for a new romantic eroticism, both biting and intelligent.
Buenaventura De Juan.

Cover: “Buque ciudad de Valencia” by Soledad Vázquez Sutilo

Author: Miguel Adrover Caldentey
ISBN: 978-84-936131-2-9 Price: 18€
At the doors of Heaven arrived one day five female travellers. Who are you? Asked the guard of Heaven. I am religión, answered the first one; I am youth, answered the second one; I am understanding, answered the third one; I am intelligence, answered the fourth one; I am wisdom, answered the last one. Identify yourselves, ordered the one who looked after the door of heaven. Then … religion knelt and prayed. Youth laughed and danced. Understanding sat down and listened. Intelligence analysed and spoke. And wisdom … told a story.

Cover: photograph by the author

Nou de Set Buy this book
Author: Susanna Rafart
ISBN: 978-84-936131-3-6 Price: 16€

Cuestión de huevos Buy this book
Author: Pedro J. Bosch
ISBN: 978-84-936131-4-3 Price: 18€
Pedro J. Bosch, writer, journalist and urban football fan cannot hide, no matter how much he tries, his love for those human beings who are besieged, dumbfounded, simplified, and conveniently tamed, and who make part of the urban and human landscape of our cities. Probably his time as a sports commentator has played a dirty trick on himself, and in this book he tells us more than he was perhaps willing to. It is a caustic book that the reader will be able to bear it if s/he wears the appropriate clothing; especially if we take into account that Mr Bosch uses, instead of a psychiatrist, Woody Allen as his bedside philosopher, which is considerably cheaper.
José Luis Clemente.

Cover:"Ser", Ángela Ibañez


Poses y Posos Buy this book
Author: José Luis Clemente
ISBN: 978-84-936131-6-7 Price: 15€

El Cine Negro, Los grandes olvidados Buy this book
Author: Mario Delgado
ISBN: 978-84-936131-7-4 Price: 35€

Girándulas... para ti Buy this book
Author: Alonso Cordel
ISBN: 978-84-936131-8-1 Price: 15€

Entre vías Buy this book
Author: José Luis Clemente
ISBN: 978-84-936131-9-8 Price: 20€

El Psicólogo y la molesquina Buy this book
Author: Pep Freixa/Juan Elorduy
ISBN: 978-84-938423-1-4 Price: 27€

DIOS SOMOS TÚ Y YO Buy this book
Author: Raquel Ávalos
ISBN: 978-84-938423-0-7 Price: 22€

Sal als ulls Buy this book
Author: Jordi Odrí
ISBN: 978-84-938423-3-8 Price: 15€

Demetrio Juárez: El déspota acomplejado Buy this book
Author: Vicenza Ortego
ISBN: 978-84-938423-2-1

Sweet Suicides Buy this book
Author: Marc Jesús/José Luis Clemente
ISBN: 978-84-938423-5-2

Escenas de vida paralela Buy this book
Author: Francisco Algarín
ISBN: 978-84-938423-4-5

Guía infantil de Menorca Buy this book
Author: Miquel Mas Vidal
ISBN: 978-84-938423-8-3 Price: 15€

Guia infantil de Menorca Buy this book
Author: Miquel Mas Vidal
ISBN: 978-84-938423-9-0 Price: 15€

Una abraçada rosa per a la mare Buy this book
Author: Noelia Martí­nez Gavaldà
ISBN: 978-84-938423-7-6 Price: 15€

El supermercado de la naturaleza Buy this book
Author: Françoise y Patrice Berthon
ISBN: 978-84-16050-01-7

Aguarales Buy this book
Author: Maïté Lannes-Lacroutz y Jacky Champredonde
ISBN: 978-84-16050-02-4

Un abrazo rosa para mi madre Buy this book
Author: Noelia Martínez Gavaldà
ISBN: 978-84-938423-6-9 Price: 15€

Children of Menorca guide Buy this book
Author: Miquel Mas Vidal
ISBN: 978-84-16050-08-6

Café con relatos Buy this book
Author: Eduardo Rico
ISBN: 978-84-16050-00-0

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