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Saturday, 4 July 2020

The seven creeds of Heptaseven Editores

1.- At Heptaseven Editores we firmly believe in the intelligence of the reader, believing that whoever buys a book does so in order to read it and not to fill the shelves of his front room. Whoever ventures to read a book proves that he has rationality and with reason he must be treated, therefore our aim is to offer the reader something on a level with his intelligence.

2.- At Heptaseven Editores we firmly believe in the perspicacity of the reader, in his ability to distinguish the quality of a literary work. The reader does not need a publicity campaign or literary awards that promote a book in order to pick it up, read it and determine if it is worthy or not. For this reason, we have decided to publish works that we consider to be good, even when the work or the author have not been previously awarded with a literary prize from some swanky publishers.

3.- At Heptaseven Editores we believe that it is not madness to edit for our readers instead of simply doing it in order to receive official subventions. Those who choose to read deserve the respect of editors, as do the authors once the editors decide that that their work should be published. Therefore our aim is to publish good books in a practical format for reading, paying attention to quality of content as well as continent.

4.- At Heptaseven Editores we believe that all literary works of quality contain a lesson, an experience or a moment of transcendental pleasure for our readers and therefore we select works that we sincerely believe can surprise, entertain, educate and in short, form part of important memories for the reader.

5. At Heptaseven Editores we believe that our readers are capable of passionately living what they read, imagining the scenes and the lives recreated by our authors as if they formed part of their own existence. We believe firmly that reading is an experience lived.

6. At Heptaseven Editores we believe that helping our readers to have access to quality literature is the meaning of our existence and we dedicate our efforts to this. Locating works, reading them, selecting them, correcting them, adapting them, printing them and making them available to our readers, only has meaning if our readers enjoy every one of our books. If we do not achieve this, we do not deserve to be here.

7. At Heptaseven Editores we believe that the reason of our existence is because of the reader, for the reader and with the reader and therefore we formally nominate and establish the reader as our fundamental literary critic. Without our readers, we simply do not exist.

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